BRE-MEN ACCIAI was born on March 11th 1985 from an idea by Adelangela Menegon, who worked in the steel trading market, and Mario Bresolin, technical-commercial. The activity, since its beginnings, thanks to the commercial and technical knowledge of the founding members, has obtained a solid presence in the market. Service, quality and speed were the founding characteristics of the company and are values ​​that still remain valid today.

BRE-MEN ACCIAI has been present for 30 years in the Italian market and in the neighboring countries as a supplier of special steels for molds. The range of materials proposed is mainly intended for the construction of molds for plastics, die-casting, injection, the general mechanical, chemical, petrochemical and offshore industries: all sectors in which the reliability of a machine and the components of a plant are essential for the safety and continuity of services.

90% of BRE-MEN ACCIAI’s turnover is destined to the automotive sector, in particular to the industrial sector which contributes to the production of molds for plastic materials, die-casting and injection through the production of metal objects, components for textile machines, agricultural and construction sites.

The remaining 10% finds an outlet in the medical, white, gold, food and eyewear sectors.

The company’s development therefore appears to be closely linked to the performance of the mechanical sector, which is the main destination for the products produced.