It is a steel used in a wide range of applications with maximum facility as regards heat treatment.

It is the most non-distorting of the water-hardened steels and, for sections up to 15 mm, can be hardened in oil or using step hardening procedures. It is characterized by high level hardness and cutting capacity, good toughness and wear resistance.

It features good hardening penetration for sections up to 30 mm; above this size, hardness decreases towards the core which is softer and tougher.

The limited hardening distortion of this steel is very important as it avoids the need for expensive operations on the finished parts.

Main applications: spade, twist and center drills, taps, milling cutters, threading chasers, small broaches, piercing punches for automatic shearing machines, scrapers, gravers, socket punches, woodworking tools, guide pins.

  The technical sheets are indicative

Physical and process characteristics
Supply Annealed
Shape Tondi fino a Ø 40
Brinell Hardness HB MAX 230
Resistance R = Kg / mm2 ~ 78