It is a steel with high wear resistance characteristics to hot, associated with and insensitivity to thermal fatigue. This steel may be subjected to quenching in air which allows to contain the deformations by heat treatment. Among the characteristics of this steel it is important to remember that also possesses excellent toughness; so it is suitable for applications where the operating conditions are particularly harsh.

This steel finds application for the construction of:

  • molds for casting of light alloys
  • molds for plastics
  • molds for mechanical clutch presses and for the hot forging of steels, brass, aluminum and its alloys.
  • dies for aluminum extrusion
  • hot shear blades.

  The technical sheets are indicative

Physical and process characteristics
Supply Annealed
Durezza Brinnel HB MAX 230
Resistenza R=KG/mm2 ~ 80