It ia a steel suitable for air hardening. It is characterized by fairly good dimensional stability during heat treatment.

It maintains high wear resistance up to temperatures of around 600 °C.

This steel also possesses excellent toughness and high level insensitivity to thermal shock and thermal fatigue.

A nitriding type surface treatment can be carried out on this steel to increase the service life of the tooling.

Main applications:

  • dies for the pressure casting of light alloys;
  • tooling for the extrusion of light alloys and steels;
  • hot work shear blades;
  • rolls for profiling tools (welding area).

1.2344 is recomandable for major applications

  The technical sheets are indicative

Physical and process characteristics
Supply Annealed
Shape Tondi fino a Ø 800 Spessore fino a 600
Brinell Hardness HB MAX 230
Resistance R = Kg / mm2 ~ 80