FASTCOOL-50 is a new type of tool steel with high thermal conductivity, specially designed to have very high values ​​of thermal conductivity and high hardness at reduced costs. It is particularly advantageous for molds, inserts and tools of applications such as hot mold, injection molding of plastics and other applications, where a combination of very high level thermal conductivity and wear resistance are particularly advantageous.

The configuration of the FASTCOOL-50 microstructure derives from a revolutionary approach in the personalization of the tool material, giving high thermal conductivity and abrasive wear resistance. FASTCOOL-50 has been developed in response to the market demand for high thermal conductivity tool steels with high hardenability.

FASTCOOL-50 is a disruptive innovation in hot work tool steels, characterized by a high wear resistance and a very high thermal conductivity level combined with excellent hardenability and low cost.

Heat treatment

Like most tools and other special tool steels, FASTCOOL 50 obtains its optimized mechanical and physical characteristics through a corresponding heat treatment of the material before final processing. FASTCOOL-50 can be hardened by oil or vacuum gas quenching. The following indications provide a general heat treatment:


Keep for the austenisation at 1040 ° C.
Cooling in pressurized gas (N2, He, …), oil or air.


Three tempering cycles should be performed immediately after hardening, when the piece has cooled to room temperature.

Physical and process characteristics
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