FASTCOOL-20 is a new type of steel tool of the family with high thermal conductivity. It is delivered in a pre-tempered state of about 400 ± 20 HB. The combination of mechanical and thermal properties of FASTCOOL-20, together with reduced production costs, offers excellent opportunities for a very cost-effective solution for tools and matrices of many industrial applications, in particular plastic injection molding, or resin molding. The properties of FASTCOOL-20 also offer important technological and economic advantages for molds and inserts of small series and prototyping of hot stamping processes, as well as other industrial applications, for which a combination of high thermal conductivity and mechanical properties, pre -prompted, it is required.

Physical and process characteristics
Forza di snervamento 0,2% a 300K 1150
Elasticità a 300K 210
Densità a 300K 7.7
Resistenza R=Kg/mm² a 300K 1240
Supply Bonificato a 400 Hb (+/- 20 HB)