It is a teel with high level hot wear strength properties associated with insensitivity to thermal fatigue. This steel can be air hardened which makes it possible to reduce distortions caused by heat treatment.

Amongst the properties of this steel, it is worth remembering that it also possesses excellent toughness and is therefore suitable for use in particularly severe operating conditions.

These steels are used to produce:

  • dies for pressure casting of light alloys
  • molds for plastic materials
  • dies for friction and mechanical presses for hot forming of steels, brass, aluminum and its alloys
  • dies for extrusion of aluminum
  • hot work shear blades.

In some cases, it may be advisable to carry out thermochemical surface hardening treatments on the tools.

It should be remembered, for this purpose, that this steel can be nitrided (ion- saline – gaseous).

1.2343 ESR recomandable for major applications

  The technical sheets are indicative

Physical and process characteristics
Supply Annealed
Shape Tondi fino a Ø 800 Spessore fino a 600
Brinell Hardness HB MAX 230
Resistance R = Kg / mm2 ~ 80